You made me think about my facing my fears. The week after you spoke at our school, I joined the school band. I was always afraid. Your presentation gave me the push I needed. I thought I wasn’t good enough, in one short hour, you made me look at myself and say, “I am good enought.” Thank you Philly D.
— Chantal K. / Fountain Hills HS / Arizona

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  • Junior High School Assemblies
  • Senior High School Assemblies
  • Self-Esteem Events

You Are Special

This is Phil's main School Assembly speech.  It's about cultivating self-esteem, growing comfortable in your own skin. 

He uses powerful stories and lot's of humour to remind students they are special because of who they are.  He starts in a real cheesy way to play up the idea that its exactly what you would 'expect' to hear from a 'motivational speaker.'  With humour as his bridge he connects this program to real emotions junior and senior high school students carry. As a guide & breakdown he shares 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Value:

KEY ONE:  Appreciation

For teenagers it's easy to get caught up in 'what you don't have.'  This Key is about taking a moment to see what you do have.  

KEY TWO:  Celebration

It's easy to hide who we are in high school.  The problem is, the teenage years is when you get to FIND OUT who you are.  It's a real age of discovery.  It will change from month to month, but here is the bottom line, "Celebrating who you are will lead to who you can become."  

KEY THREE:  No Hesitation

We can appreciate, we can celebrate, but when it comes time for ACTION, we can not hesitate.  We are always told the more you learn the more you can do.  Education is indeed power.  Phil highlights this but flips it for the teens, 'The More you DO, the more you will learn."