Zen Meditation: Think Non-Thinking

Great For

  • Conference Keynotes
  • Yoga Training workshops 
  • Mindfulness Events 
  • Leadership Trainings


It’s been over 5 months since you visited our school & I need to let you know the impact you’ve made. For weeks after your “first day of school” assembly the students talked about not only how entertaining you were, but about your message. Students seemed more “tuned in” to their peers, and as a counselor, my business boomed. Students would tell me about friends they were worried about or just wanted to talk. It was as though they were striving for a little higher quality of living... choosing not to wallow in the sad or depression, and striving to find the positive.
The leadership workshop you did was awesome! My student council shot into the school year with so much enthusiasm they almost left me in the dust! The have accomplished more this year than I would have ever imagined.
As for the workshop you did for our teachers, I have noticed more compassion and desire to understand students from the teachers than I have ever seen before. I think that has to be one of the most wonderful things. I don’t believe that teachers always know the power they hold with students. That power can help a child reach the stars, or crush them like a bug. I am seeing more and more EMPOWERING of students this year, which is so amazing. The power, inspiration, and message you shared with us have had a beautiful and profound impact on all of us. Thank you for everything!
— Rebecca Caballero / Counselor, NCC High School / St. John's, Arizona

This unique program is rooted in mindfulness.  It's about waking up to the present, and cultivating a dynamic presence that is YOUR LIFE.  Here, Phil shares 3 Paths that will help you embrace the NOW.

PATH ONE:  Wake Up

This is about cultivating awareness.  We often get caught up in thinking about how we 'want it to be', or 'how we think it should go'. On this path Phil shares how you can reduce stress, struggle, & suffering by awakening to 'what is.'  Stop avoiding, stop running, & you cultivate a new strength to take powerful steps forward in your life.

PATH TWO:  Step Up / Stand Up

The cliche goes, "Stand up for something, or you'll fall for anything."  This path is about loving the truth of this cliche.  Embrace your awakening and ground in aliveness.  Strong roots to develop right action and step up to what 'doesn't feel right'.  We all have 'intuition', we need to tune into more.

PATH THREE: Reach Down

This path looks at understanding INTERDEPENDENCE and how it can deepen the connections in your life.   Part of this is recognizing who you surround yourself with.  Are they people that challenge and ignite you? The other part is to be what you love and use what you love to pull others up as you are rising up.  This path truly merges the first two to cultivate more fullness in your life.