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My favorite part of the book was the section on Compassion. Like you said, they’re all equally important but I suppose I’m partial to compassion and your book made me realize that there are so many oppurtunities in my everyday life to demonstrate compassion. I work at the Dollar Store in Wilburton ( the town in which I go to school ), and sure, I’m nice and always give a smile but I never really MEAN “ How are ya tonight?” when I say it. So, your book has challenged me to reach out to more people and actually take the time to get to KNOW some of their situations.
— Cherish Harris / FCCLA State Officer / President Oklahoma Chapter


  • Leadership Events
  • Conference Keynote Address
  • Interactive Small Group Workshops
  • School Groups - Philly D Has a book on this topic for Youth. Great for high school leadership curriculum's. 


Leading Your Life [ 4 C's of Successful Leadership ]   

It's all about leadership, and it comes from a very personal point of view.  Metaphorically speaking he will get up in your face and really challenge HOW you lead. It is inspirational, interactive and invigorating.  Phill D created the 4 C's of Successful Leadership and has shared this program with youth leadership groups, corporate groups and many education groups.  He links them in a wheel.  No one "C" is more important then the other "C".  You remove one and the road traveled becomes bumpy.

The 4 C's are:  


You can not control someone else's actions or words.  You can take control of yours.  Your thoughts, actions and words can tear people down, or lift people up.  What are you doing?


This is the heart of leadership.  You step into any room and it's easy to see the differences. We need people willing to embrace those difference and then take a powerful step forward to seek commonalities.


With Confidence possibilities grow.  Here Phil shares how the compassion you share is DIRECTLY linked to your confidence. The small things YOU CAN DO, make the difference.


Connect Confidence to Courage and ANYTHING becomes possible.  It takes courage to be the person you want to be, we are so easily swayed by the masses and the marketing culture.  It takes courage to lead your life and be authentic in the face of others, and no matter how many stories Phil shares it will always come down to this, "Easier said then done."  But this doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.  This is your life we're talking about.  LEAD IT.