Sonkei Philly D brings together all his passions to offer a unique and powerful Yoga Experience.  At first glance it seems like none of these things go together.  The truth is there is no separation.  Oneness & Interdependence is one of the roots of this unique yoga class/workshop that one student called, "Yoga With A Conscious Swagger."  It combines Buddhist Philosphy, Positive Hip Hop with a vigorous asana practice.  


Bringing this program to your studio or event is a great way to cultivate uplifting energy.  One student said, "It's the most fun I've EVER had doing yoga."  It is rich in positive music & movement and full of laughter.  Yoga is the focus, and dance moves we do are very tongue and cheek.  One of reason Phil loves to do this is to show a insightful element of hip hop. 

  • It can be a 90 minute or 2 hour program [ 2 hour preferred ]
  • Begins with a 30-45 minute Dharma Talk.  Essentially he takes a Buddhist teaching and teaches it through story and the vernacular of hip hop. It is accessible and inspirational.
  • The music Sonkei chooses for the class is based on the Dharma talk.  So the music meets the message.
  • Once the class begins, we move and groove getting into postures with a little swagger. The class is challenging and absolute FUN.