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“Thank you Philly D for coming to our conference. Your presentation was awesome; great message and powerful delivery. You got the students interested and kept them there. Our advisors had great comments and the teachers from Slippery Rock and Ford City (where you did assemblies before the conference) were especially pleased that their students got to see ‘two’ different programs.
— Rose-Ann Fulena / District Director PASC District 2 Leadership Conference / Pennsylvania, USA


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Creating Your Positive

This is actually the program that started Philly D's speaking career.  He was only 21 driving through the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia.  The scenery proved to full of inspiration and what came out was the "Three Steps 2 Defeating Your Negative and Creating Your Positive."  Haha, long title, I know.  That's why he has since shortened it.  The three steps are:

STEP ONE:  Understand The Power of The Positive

This makes since right?  To create positive you need to understand how powerful it is.  Philly D gets a volunteer up and does a short (and funny) demonstration to show its impact.  It's about opening your mind to positive thoughts.

STEP TWO:  Open Your Heart

Phil gets personal here and opens up and his parents divorce and the hate that grew inside of him.  The story comes full circle and speaks to forgiveness. If your open your mind to the positive, you become powerful as Phil shows in Step One.  If you open your heart to believe in that power, you multiply that strength by the millions.

STEP THREE:  Keep It Simple

Now you have to do something with that strength.  Here Philly D talks about taking SIMPLE ACTION.  The day in & day out action you take to cultivate CONSISTENT growth.