Not Afraid to Fall


One of my best mates in Minneapolis is a dope artist.  His name Mohamud Mumin.  Dude is straight up a talented visual story teller.  I’m always vibin' with him about my intentions and my blog.  He calls me the other day while brushing his teeth and he’s full of excitement, “Brother, I got an intention for you.”  The story he shared was the guide for our class today.

He tells me that he’s looking on to the roof below is level and there are two birds.  One flys away and shortly after the other one just falls back and drops off the roof.  He opens his wings before hitting the ground and soars away.

That’s when he says to me, “It hit me Phil, a bird is never afraid to fall.  Imagine we we could learn this mentality."

A bird is not afraid of falling.


Yoga practice can help get to this place; to be a bird.  Yoga helps us build trust within ourself.  It helps us connect to a powerful truth, ‘we have the ability to soar’.  This is yoga practice. To realize that we can fall freely and we can open our wings and soar in our life. 

Imagine what becomes possible when we are not afraid to fall. Doesn't mean we won't fall. But for a second, can you imagine what amazing things can take flight when your not afraid to fall. Like it's not even in your vocab. You fall back, open wings and soar to new heights. New growth. 

The class I used this intention was a Modo Flow, so we captured the visual of wings being every time we did a big sweep to come up or a swan dive toward our half lift.  I kept encouraging people to use their wings.  When we float back to our Chaturanga or floated forward to our hands.  Our struggles become lighter when we can soar in them, above them, and with them.


Change the word falling to failing.  Imagine if you were not afraid to fail. What becomes possible for you? To get to a place where you trust that your wings will come out when you need them.  Doesn’t mean we won’t fall, or won’t fail.  But because the fear isn’t their we dive into our lives, take risks and keep growing in big ways.  We never stop learning.

To my brother Moh, thanks for inviting us all to trust our wings!

You can check Mohamud's work here: Hundred Miles Pictures

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