Frame Off

"Possession" by my fave artist  Adam Matak

"Possession" by my fave artist Adam Matak

Our Mind is constantly trying to FRAME things.  It wants to understand things, but what can happen is 'framing' starts to look like rationalizing.  One of the powerful things about Yoga Practice is that it gives the opportunity to go against the grain, to rebel cultural conditioning and practice being where we are and who we are.  That is what inspired this intention for our Modo Music class on Monday night.


In convo with people over the years and in my own practice here are some examples of ways our mind will try to frame things in a class:

  • I can’t do this posture very well because i’m injured.
  • This pose would be better if we didn't hold it as long.
  • It’s hotter today, maybe thats why I’m not 'doing good' today.
  • This teacher does things to differently, if it was my favorite teacher I would have a better practice.

As I shared some of these examples I could see people nodding in agreement, as if to say, "I've done that... heee heee."  So I said to the class,

"Today in class, let’s take the frame off the picture.  See if your breath can let the ART shine on it's own.  And let’s be clear.  You are the art.  So let’s take 60 minutes to be ART.  Not the artist.  No need to add more another stroke.  No need to clarify what’s drawn on the page and try to explain what it all means.  Let's take this time to break free from the 'framing'.  When we break free, we create more freedom.

Amazing things happen when you don't rationalize yourself out of a long hold.  You start to see that you have a lot of organic strength to do this amazing work.  As you continue to practice what happens gently over time is you start to TRUST that organic strength. You start to trust yourself more and more. It's pretty wonderful.


In our everyday life the 'framing' can sometimes show up in the form of blaming:

  • I’m struggling as an adult because of this one 'thing' that happen to me
  • This person hurt me, that’s why I’m angry
  • My boss isn’t a good leader, that’s why I’m struggling at work

One of the most powerful things you can do in your daily life is take responsibility for your words and actions, and not carry other peoples choices on your shoulders.  Let’s be real though, it ain’t easy.  Especially when we are dealing with someone we love deeply.

When Ryann and I separated I put it all on her.  When speaking to it with people I would frame things as, “When Ryann left me.”  Thankfully I have some great friends who would first listen, and then call me out on my bullshit.  Haha, I even had one mate who would call me out right away.  

When I would frame it as, "When Ryann Divorced me",  my friend would jump in right away and say, "you mean, 'when you got divorced."  Powerful.  That is a great example of love right there.  

Our mind does this, it tries to frame things.  But the frame becomes a cage and limits our ability to move freely.  It limits our freedom.

See you in the hot room! Let's build some trust.

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