Modo Is A Shovel

Calm Mind | Fit Body | Inspired Life

Calm Mind | Fit Body | Inspired Life

Earlier this week I taught a Modo Yoga class, and it started out pretty normal.  Savasana, big long wake up stretch, role to side, take a few breaths, come to stand in Mountain Pose.  As we started I got to the front of the room and the energy of my original intention shifted.  I saw this room of beautiful people standing open.  I saw open hearts, open mountains.

Mountains are solid and strong.  I saw this in all 50 people.  But mountains are also beautiful and inspiring. I felt this from every person in the room. As the feeling washed over me, it also washed away our original intention.  We flipped the script.

What I saw was 50 people who each had dreams.  50 people who have things they want to achieve, create and live.  So I said, “Listen… let’s be straight up, each of you have dreams, things you want to achieve.  If you really want it, you have to dig deeper and this practice is a powerful tool for digging.  In many ways you could say Modo is Shovel. So I know we don’t have music normally for this class, but let’s drop some DEEP SOUL tunes and get digging.  Who’s In?"

All 50 nodded yes. No words needed.  Movement and deep soul. Strip away the layers and let’s get to the soul level.


As we moved through the modo series we focused on a couple vibes.

  1. Get with your breath, and work each posture from the roots up. Can you dig the roots deeper and allow them to spread wider.  You get stronger if your roots get so wide that they intertwine with the persons next to you. You both get more stable.  DIG DEEPER with those roots.  
  2. Go Deeper.

These two vibes weaved in various ways and various tones for 60 minutes.  It was really inspiring.  I literally could see people lifting instead of pushing.  Yoga empowers. It reminds you that you can uplift yourself.


Sometimes the ‘things we want’ seem so far away.  Sometimes we tell ourselves that the dream is to big or not realistic. When we do this, we already defeat ourselves.  You can go further, you can Dig Deeper. If it does seem big, start by breaking it down into smaller action steps.  Just make sure step one is “practice yoga daily”… haha.

Once you break it down then look at all the action steps check in with the one that stands out as  "I need to do".  If you step into your life and take the step you NEED to take, it will free you to take the steps you want to take.  What you end up doing is create more freedom.  Maybe this is your dream.

The Deep Soul Mix We Dropped: